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The performance of your car depends on a lot of factors, one of the major among which is the weather condition you are driving in. It’s almost universally acknowledged that summers are better for driving than winters. However, there are certain steps that you can take to make winter driving less taxing for your car as well as yourself.

The first step in that direction would be buying a set of winter wheels in Blackburn from our workshop. Nil’s Tyre Services stocks the most extensive range of winter wheels which will give you more control over your car on snowy and icy roads. Many drivers are aware of the need for a set of winter tyres in Blackburn, but lack clarity when it comes to winter wheels and why they are absolutely pivotal to winter driving.

Why do you need winter wheels?

The one word answer for that question is- salt. One of the major issues that most of our customers experience when they come for a summer check is the extreme corrosion of their rims.

The reason behind this corrosion is that there’s a lot of salt sprayed on the road to get rid of the snow. This salt, mixed with moisture, is a potent corrosive agent. Aluminium, used in most OE rims, is not particularly resistant to this type of corrosion.

Our collection of winter wheels in Blackburn, on the other hand, has rims made of either steel or some other corrosion-resistant alloy. It makes them immune to the salt-moisture mixture that eats away the aluminium rims.

Advantages of winter wheels:

Apart from their anti-corrosive properties, winter wheels present the following benefits for drivers:

  • In the long run, fitting a set of winter wheels prove economical. When you change the entire wheel-tyre assembly seasonally, both the sets last considerably longer.
  • There’s a safety factor as well. Summer wheels succumb to corrosion in winters and are more likely to suffer damage and compromise on your safety.
  • Winter wheels are also more compatible with snow chains. If the place you are going to drive in experiences heavy snowfall, this may prove to be a crucial factor.

Get your winter wheels from us:

If you want to get the most out of your car this winter, visit our workshop and collect a set of winter wheels for your vehicle. We have an extensive range of such wheels from multiple recognised manufacturers in every price range.

You may also purchase your next set of winter tyres from Nil’s Tyre Services. Our winter tyre collection is massive. From local brands to multinational giants, we stock winter tyres in every category. We also perform tyre fitting, wheel balancing, pressure check and all other tyre-related services at our workshop.

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