Wheel Balancing

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If you want your car to perform flawlessly each time you take it out of your garage, you must pay equal attention to every part of your vehicle. Unfortunately often car owners tend to overlook one of the most vital parts of any modern vehicle, its wheels.

One of the most in-demand services as far as tyres go is wheel balancing. We know because servicing cars is our forte. We are Nil’s Tyre Services, one of the UK’s most proficient car service providers and sellers of original equipment. Your search for the best wheel balancing garage in Blackburn is finally over.

Wheel balancing vs wheel alignment

Over the years, we have noticed that many people confuse two entirely different processes: wheel alignment and balancing. They are completely independent of each other and serve two different purposes.

Wheel balancing is also commonly known as tyre balancing. Over the course of their lives, tyres are subjected to various pressures and strains which increase the imbalance. Wheel balancing is the process where we add some counterweights to the wheel body so that the balance returns.

A balancing machine is commonly needed to determine how much counterweight needs to be added. When you come for wheel balancing Blackburn, we ensure that the due processes are followed.

Wheel alignment is an entirely different ball game. It ensures that the wheels touch the ground evenly. This process makes sure that the wheels are perfectly perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. The two axles also need aligning.

As you can see, these two processes are different.

Three Focal Points about Wheel Balancing

Like every other repair, wheel balancing has much ground to cover. We will focus on three main points:

  • Balancing is a must: It is imperative for the tyres to stay balanced. Also, remember that imperfectly balanced wheels increase tyre wear by a significant margin. Therefore, this operation must be undertaken from time to time.
  • The balance will change over time: Most importantly, in the UK, people use two sets of tyres, which need replacing over the course of a year. Whenever you change the tyres, be sure to balance them for the benefit of your car.
  • Balancing does not guarantee freedom from vibrations: Wheel balancing keeps unwanted vibrations at bay. However, it does not automatically ensure that your ride will be free from vibrations. A faulty shock absorber, which we also attend to, can also be the culprit.

Wheel balancing at Blackburn

At Blackburn, wheel balancing is as essential as it is everywhere else. We have an exceptional team of dedicated professionals who keep an eye out for any problem that might arise. In case you need any advice, come to Nil’s Tyre Services at Blackburn. You will notice the difference at once.

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