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Wheel Alignment

Every car is a work of art. They are the results of decades of hard work and research done by some very intelligent people. And like all other forms of art, a perfect balance is necessary to bring out the true beauty in them.

When a car comes out of the factory, it is in a pristine condition. Everything is exactly where they are supposed to be. Unfortunately, with time the sanctity becomes harder to maintain. And that’s understandable. Your car encounters more difficult situations every day than Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible movies: potholes, sharp corners, sudden braking, harsh weather conditions, debris on roads and what not!

That’s why they require periodic maintenance. Wheel alignment is one of them. It consists of aligning the wheels to the manufacturer specified angles, and we are here to tell you why you cannot take it lightly. There are loads of wheel alignment garages in Blackburn, and all of them will tell you that skipping wheel alignment is a terrible idea.

People often confuse wheel alignment with wheel balancing. But they are as different as chalk and cheese. We’ll explain how later in this post.

Nil’s Tyre Services is the first-choice garage for wheel alignment Blackburn for hundreds of people. If your vehicle needs it, there’s no better place to go in the Blackburn area.

But what exactly is wheel alignment? And how is it different from wheel balancing? Well, let’s find out.

Wheel alignment vs Wheel balancing

Wheel alignment is nothing but adjusting the angles of your car’s wheels in such a way that they remain parallel to one another and perpendicular in respect to the road. Contrary to what it sounds like, wheel alignment is an adjustment to the suspension system and not the wheels themselves. The suspension system can be tuned to alter the angles of the wheels.

Wheel balancing, on the other hand, is the distribution of load on tyres evenly. When tyres have been running for a long time, the load distribution within the tyres tends to skew because of various factors. This leads to vibrations in the car and uneven tread wear. Wheel balancing uses a machine that spins the tyres at high speed and manipulates the load distribution to make it even throughout the tyres.

Both these services are essential for the efficient performance of your car, but they serve different purposes.

Camber, caster and toe

When you come for wheel alignment at Nil’s Tyre Services Blackburn, you might hear these terms thrown around by mechanics. Don’t worry; it’s not any code language. These are just the angles of a car’s wheel as specified by the manufacturer.

Camber is the tilt of wheels when seen from the front. If you stand in front of your car and look at the tyres, do they appear straight or tilted to one side? Depending on whether the tilt is inwards or outwards, it’ll be negative camber and positive camber respectively.

Toe is not unlike camber. The only difference is that the tilt is measured as viewed from the top. If the inclination is inwards, it’ll be toe-in; if it is outwards, it’ll be toe out.

Caster doesn’t concern with the tilting of the wheels themselves, but the steering axis. If the angle of the steering axis is backwards, it’s a positive caster. If it’s forward, that’s a negative caster.

Advantages of wheel alignment

As a rule of thumb, the closer every component is to the vehicle manufacturer's specification, the better your car will perform. Wheel alignment is no different.

However, except in severe cases, wheel alignment is not as apparent a problem as, say, a brake failure. That doesn’t mean that you can take it any less seriously. There are some glaring advantages that you’ll reap when your wheels are in alignment, some of which are:

  • More mileage out of your car

When wheels are misaligned, they put uneven pressure on tyres, forcing improper contact with the road and creating higher rolling resistance. Aligning them can solve the issue and increase your fuel economy noticeably.

  • Longer tyre life

This follows the last point. Uneven pressure on tyres means uneven tread wear, which in turn will equate to shorter tyre life.

  • Enhanced safety and comfort

When your tyres are out of alignment, you’ll notice subtle changes in your driving experience. It’ll take longer to cut corners; braking won’t be as good as before; there will be a pull on one side. All of these compromise on your safety as well as comfort.

Experts at Nil’s Tyre Services Blackburn recommend doing wheel alignment at least once a year. For your convenience, you can do it when you bring your car in for tyre rotation. Avoiding it for too long may have adverse implications for you and your vehicle.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy garage for wheel alignment Blackburn, you have come to the right place. Just bring your car to the Nil’s Tyre Services workshop and leave with perfectly aligned wheels every time.