Tyre Valves Change

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Tyre valves are vital for maintaining the right tyre pressure, which ensures on-road safety and better fuel efficiency. It is a tiny but an essential part of a car’s wheels as it acts as an access point to adjust the tyre pressure.

The first sign of a problem will be a drop in air pressure even though there are no leaks or punctures in the tyres. Bring your car to Nil’s Tyre Services at Blackburn. Let us take a look, and if needed, perform a valve replacement in Blackburn to fix the problem for you.

A defective valve means trouble:

The main purpose of the valve is to maintain the air pressure in your car tyres. It also works as a one-way pressure regulator, allowing for inflation of the tyres. It also withstands the expansion of the air inside the tyre and other pressures that it experiences when you drive your vehicle.

Over time, it can have damages allowing air to leak through the connecting points. We have noticed that even a slightly damaged valve loses 0.2 to 0.7 bar air pressure per week.

Low tyre pressure often brings in multiple issues. You will notice a significant increase in the braking distance, and the tyres will wear out a lot faster. It can also affect critical components like the suspension, brakes, etc. That’s why we recommend that you should bring it to our garage for a tyre valve change in Blackburn as soon as you notice a loss of air pressure without any punctures or leaks.

How often should you change the valve to be safe?

Our experts recommend to change the valves in every 6 months. We will also replace it every time you come over to change your car tyres. You will find both rubber and metal tyre valves at our garage in Blackburn at the best prices.

Safety first at Nil’s Tyre Services:

We know that cheap, low-quality spares are flooding the market; that’s why all our stocks go through strict quality control to ensure they meet the DIN standards. The valves we stock are rated to withstand a constant pull force for 144 hours even at temperatures up to -40°C.

So, whenever you notice a slow but sure depletion of your car’s tyre pressure, bring it to our garage for an inspection, and if required, a valve replacement in Blackburn. We offer you the best quality products at the best market prices in the entire city. Call us to book your appointment and jump the queue; we are always here to help you.

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