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Anyone even remotely familiar with motorsports knows that Italy has given its fair share of technological advancements to this industry. One great example is Pirelli, which is among the world’s largest manufacturers of professional-grade tyres. Their standards and achievements are legendary.

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Why Pirelli?

Yes, we have been asked this question often enough to make us feel that we should answer it once and for all. There are several reasons why their tyres make the cut. Here are some of them:

  • Pirelli has long been associated with top-level motorsports. For several decades, they were the sole tyre supplier for the Formula 1 races.
  • Forensic experts have long suggested that one of the reasons why the great Ayrton Senna crashed in the Imola circuit in 1994 which led to his death, was poor tyre quality. Many experts suggest that had Pirelli been the tyre supplier, it would not have been the case.
  • Pirelli has now been in business since 1872. They have transcended the tyre industry; the Pirelli calendar has been the hallmark of high-street fashion for many years. Famous photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Bruce Weber had worked for Pirelli Calenders.
  • Multiple famous vehicle manufacturers use Pirelli’s products. They include the likes of Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Honda, and Renault. Besides, they are active participants in motorcycle racing too. The flagship FIM World Superbike Championship uses only their tyres.
  • Last but not the least, this Italy based giant constantly adapts to stay on the top tier. They invest a large part of their revenue in Research and Development, which is typical of a successful company. They were the first company to sell Pirelli tyres online, ushering in a new age in e-commerce.

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