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What happens when two French men try to repair a bicycle, get fascinated and frustrated by its pneumatic tyre, and fail to fix it properly? Well, they create one of the largest tyre manufacturing companies, popularly known as Michelin.

Their industrial tyre odyssey began in 1889 when they were trying to repair a bicycle tyre. Edouard and Andre Michelin found it difficult to fix the traditional pneumatic tyre and soon after, the brothers put their heads together to develop new and improved pneumatic tyres.

Following that, Michelin embarked on a journey to create tyres that would strive to offer safety and drivability in any road conditions.

Today, Michelin car tyres fall amongst the top 4 tyre manufacturers in the world. So if you’re planning to buy new tyres, you can take a look at what Michelin has to offer.

Racing in Michelin’s blood

Be it the World Rally Championship, Dakar rally or any other racing event, Michelin has been a steady manufacturer of car tyres for world famous car brands like Audi and Porsche. Presently, Michelin car tyres are supporting the FIA Formula E Championship, which is the world’s first electric car racing.

So, if you’re looking to purchase new car tyres in Blackburn, pick Michelin and check out its best products at our garage, Nil’s Tyre Services LTD. Blackburn.

After all, the brand approved by the Formula E isn’t the one that’ll let you down!

Why choose Nil’s TyreServices LTD. for Michelin?

We offer a wide range of Michelin tyres at the most suitable prices. You can even surf our website and order your favourite Michelin tyres Blackburn. Here’s a preview of our collection –

1. 4x4 tyres – SUV’s are for the traveller soul that prefers the road less traversed. So, for the wanderlust cravers of today, we at Nil’s Tyre Services LTD. offer the following –

  • MICHELIN LATITUDE CROSS: Long-lasting, excellent traction with class-leading wet and dry grip offers a pleasurable ride.
  • MICHELIN CROSCLIMATE SUV: Summer or winter, worry not. Plan your family trip with this model. Exceptional wet grip and low rolling resistance make it a winner from our garage in Blackburn.

2. Passenger cars – Family cars need safety and economy. Michelin presents passenger tyres that offer fuel-effectiveness and safety –

  • MICHELIN PRIMACY 4 – Next generation rubber compound, run-flat technology and extended longevity, this model is your ideal family tyre.
  • MICHELIN ALPIN 6 – With exceptional traction on the snow and shortest braking distance, this tyre will ensure safe driving in cold conditions.

Check out these ranges of the best Michelin car tyres from our garage. That’s not all; for the ardent car enthusiast, we offer exceptional sports tyres too! So, visit us today or order your favourite Michelin tyres online Blackburn.