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Tyre Manufacturers - Goodyear Tyres

Maintaining their legacy for more than 120 years, Goodyear presently stands tall beside the top three tyre conglomerates, Michelin, Pirelli & Bridgestone. Established back in 1889, Frank Seiberling purchased a rubber & cotton plant which he named ‘Goodyear’ to commemorate the discoverer of vulcanisation – Charles Goodyear!

Beginning with just bicycle & carriage tyres, Goodyear has now graduated to manufacturing tyres for cars, vans, trucks, racing cars and even aeroplanes.

Today, Goodyear car tyres are one of the most sold tyres at our garage Nil’s TyreServices LTD. in Blackburn owing to their exceptional technologies and improved safety options.

Reasons to pick Goodyear!

If you are considering buying new tyres in Blackburn, lay your faith in Goodyear. Implementing 100 years worth of technology in their products, Goodyear car tyres are renowned for offering optimal driving pleasure.

Technology –

  • Durawall technology –

Goodyear’s Durawall technology prevents the chances of unnecessary punctures by making the tyres’ sidewalls more resistant to cuts. For example, GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 DIRECTIONAL 5; check this winner and other Goodyear car tyres at Nil’s TyreServices LTD. in pocket-friendly prices.

  • Active Braking –

Goodyear’s Active Braking technology provides 3D tread block designs for improving contact between road and the tyre during hard braking. Hence, this provides shorter braking distance in both dry & wet conditions. For example, check out Goodyear Assurance Armour Grip Tyre at our garage, Nil’s TyreServices LTD. in Blackburn. If you’re looking for a model which will provide economic fuel consumption and longevity, this will be your best pick.

  • HydroGrip Technology –

With their motto, ‘Goodyear car tyres in all modern cars of the future,’ the company uses the latest Hydrogrip Technology for improving grip and offering a safe ride.

Using the futuristic Assurance TripleMax technology, Goodyear provides tyres which will cut braking distance on wetter tarmacs.

Additionally, with SportGrip, Tractive Groove & Treadlife technology, the company offers the best tread design and enhanced traction for any road conditions. So, equip your new or existing vehicles with Goodyear car tyres for a supreme driving experience.

Goodyear with Nil’s TyreServices LTD.!

Do you want superior traction? We got it. Do you want an exclusive range of Goodyear’s winter & all season tyre collection? Name your model; we got it all at the best prices. So visit Nil’s TyreServices LTD. today to equip your vehicle with the best-suited tyres. You can also order your chosen Goodyear tyres online from our e-store.