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Probably the only tyre company in the world that genuinely listens to their customers, Falken tyres are a different breed in the otherwise black and white tyre market. They contemplated the needs and requirements of the people while reaching for glory at the same time.

Gaining their popularity after the Falken team won the Mirage Cup International Series; they started distributing their tyres globally. Today Falken car tyres are a dominating name in the tyre market, well known for delivering UHP (Ultra High Performance) car tyres.

If you are looking for a set of brand new Falken tyres for your vehicle, you can check the collection at our garage, Nil’s TyreServices LTD. in Blackburn.

Falken’s rollercoaster ride with Motorsport!

If you’re contemplating whether buying Falken tyres for your sports car is wise or not, check out the list of accomplishments by Falken –

  • The Falken teal & blue livery won the Mirage Cup International Series.
  • They won the N1 6h Endurance and the GT-R32 race back in 1990.
  • Falken tyres supported the Super N1 Taikyu Series with BNR32.
  • Competing against a large number of competitors, Falken won the 17th & 20th position in Kenya Endurance Rally Race.
  • In 2001, Falken’s BNR34 won a 1st class championship in Class 1 Super Endurance race.
  • In the 2005 Infineon Raceway sanctioned by Formula Drift, team Falken’s driver Calvin Wan won the 1st place with his Infiniti G35.
  • Falken car tyres got acknowledged for their ZE912 as the top pick by consumers in 2006.
  • Vaughn Gittin Jr. won the first Formula Drift Championship in 2010. And in 2011, they claimed another win with Daijiro Yoshihara.
  • That’s not all. In 2012’s Baltimore Grand Prix, Falken car tyres ensured two consecutive wins with ALMS.
  • In 2015, Falken was recognised as the official sponsor for Major League Baseball.

Post 2016 with their introduction of the AZENIS FK510 & RT615K+, Falken has become one of the most sold tyres in the whole of the UK, including our garage Nil’s TyreServices LTD. in Blackburn. After all, as proved at the most significant race courses worldwide, Falken is less talk and more do!

Falken tyres at Nil’s TyreServices LTD.

If you want to buy the latest range of Falken car tyres that meet all your criteria, then Nil’s TyreServices LTD. is at your service. From performance tyres to seasonal ones, we can help you in picking the best product for your car. You can check a preview of our collection at the tyre details page and order your Falken tyres online.


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