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Since its inception in 1942, Nexen has carved a niche for itself in the tyre market. It may not be as massive as some of the other tyre companies, but that’s what makes them as innovative and customer friendly as they are today.

Their 75 years of existence decorated with innovations has propelled them to global eminence today. The current name, ‘Nexen’, a portmanteau of next and century, was adopted at the turn of this century to reflect the ethos of this growing company.

Nexen tyres are known for their superior quality and excellent performance. In the few years that it has gone international, it has already captured a considerable market share. It currently exports to around 120 countries around the globe.

If you want to check out Nexen car tyres in Blackburn, Nil’s TyreServices LTD. is your best bet. Our collection includes the entire range of Nexen tyres for you to choose from.

Our choice of Nexen Tyres

It’s difficult to pick a handful of Nexen tyres from the top-quality models that they offer. The current bestsellers include:

  • N blue ECO

This eco-friendly summer tyre has been a hit among customers since it was introduced. The secret is its best-in-class fuel efficiency. Additionally, it offers excellent comfort, low noise and superior wet performance. Thus, it is indeed the perfect summer tyres money can buy.

  • N Priz AH8

This premium high-performance winter tyre is for those who love their powerful rides. The unique sipes and tread blocks on the AH8 makes it extremely easy for handling in winter conditions. The low noise and high fuel efficiency are great add-ons.

  • N8000

This one is for the sports fanatics. It’s an ultra-high-performance tyre that works admirably in both dry and wet conditions. The USP, though, is its class-leading handling because of the unique asymmetrical tread pattern and rigid shoulder blocks. 

  • N Fera AU5

A tyre that has won the hearts of thousands of car enthusiasts around the world, the AU5 requires no introduction. Get ready for a comfortable ride whenever you use one of these. It performs well in almost all parameters and beats its rivals in longevity.

So, the next time you’re looking for an upgrade on your existing tyres, give one of these tyres a go. If you want to browse more of Nexen’s masterpieces, the doors of Nil’s TyreServices LTD. Blackburn are always open for you. You can also browse them on our website and buy Nexen tyres online from the comfort of your living room!


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