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There are several existing laws which govern the tread depth of an average passenger car tyre in the UK. The law states that if the tread depth falls below 1.6mm, you will need to replace the tyre or face stiff penalties.

More than the penalties, a tyre with below the mandatory tread depth will heavily compromise your safety. Studies show that a new tyre has vastly superior braking response than a tyre with a tread depth of lower than even 3mm.

Before you even reach the 1.6mm, which is the legal minimum tread depth, the 3mm mark serves as a warning. At this point, either re-treading or a replacement of tyre must be done.

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Tyre re-treading vs buying a new tyre:

There are considerable advantages to purchasing a new tyre over re-treading. For one, most automobile experts suggest that no re-treading exercise can ever beat a new tyre. Re-treading gone wrong can severely damage the sidewalls, a recipe for future disasters.

Buying a new tyre is costlier than re-treading but is always a better option. If you buy new tyres in Blackburn, for example, head over to our facility in Blackburn. We have the latest models from the best brands in the world.

Professional re-treading can help you max out your current tyre life. It’s also much less expensive than buying a new set of tyres. Either way, your tyre treads will wear over time along with a few typical symptoms.

Issues to a falling tyre tread depth:

As mentioned, having legally acceptable tyre treads in Blackburn or anywhere else in the UK is vital for safety and performance. Here are some points to note:

The MIRA, which provides several tyre testing measures here in the UK, indicates that a tyre with a tread depth of 3mm takes 44% lesser stopping distance, after braking on a wet road than tyres with 2mm treads.

Many people in the UK fail their MOT tests because their tyres are too worn out. At times, even re-treading fails. Only buying a new tyre can provide the necessary solution.

Reduced tread will eventually cause an increased risk of aquaplaning, which can lead to deadly accidents on roads.

All types of wheels, whether summer, winter, all-season or high-performance perform better with more tread. It assures better grip and increased safety.

How to maintain the proper tyre tread depth?

Here are some hacks straight up from our experts:

  • Always try and drive under the prescribed speed limits. Over-speeding reduces treads very fast.
  • A tyre tread repair at a professional service station is necessary if the tread depth falls below 1.6mm.
  • Always change two tyres on the same axles simultaneously. Mixing and matching new and older wheels is a bad idea.
  • Visit Nil’s Tyre Services at Blackburn for expert advice and necessary repairs. You can also buy a new set of wheels from us.
  • Prevent accidents by looking after tyre tread depth.
  • The so-called penny test that DIY lovers use is not a solution. Head over to our facility at for the necessary professional tyre tread repair in Blackburn.

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