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Checking tyre pressure is one of the primary and most inexpensive thing in a vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Nil’s Tyre Services is one of the leading garages which checks tyre pressure and perform tyre inflation in Blackburn.

Pneumatic tyres were a massive invention for the automobile industry. The primary difference between these tyres and their predecessors is the use of compressed air to inflate them. The fact that we are essentially using the same technology even after over a century since its invention is a stark reminder of why tyre pressure is so crucial.

Adequate tyre pressure is one of the important pre-requisites of a comfortable and fuel-efficient ride. A recent report by ‘Tyre Safe’ revealed that 1 in every 4 cars in Britain runs on under-inflated tyres. We check your tyre pressure every time you come in for a service and re-inflate the tyre according to the prescribed value if it’s below the recommended level.

Disadvantages of inadequate tyre pressure:

Adequate tyre pressure is instrumental for your car’s smooth performance. If your tyre inflation in Blackburn is not as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, you’ll face the following issues:

  • Fuel consumption will shoot up. Under-inflated tyres generate more friction against the road surface, which in turn, results in higher fuel consumption.
  • Treadwear will happen faster and unevenly across the tyre body.
  • The contact patch will decrease, resulting in reduced control over the car.
  • Tyre life will be reduced drastically.
  • Over-inflation increases the chances of blowouts.

If you do not want these to happen to your car, bring it to our workshop for a thorough tyre pressure check in Blackburn.

Reasons behind tyre pressure loss:

Loss of tyre inflation happens naturally over time. Air seeps through the rubber compound used in tyres. However, certain situations may accelerate the process-

  • Defective valves
  • Tiny leaks on tyre body
  • Improper tyre fitting

It must be noted that air pressure drops with temperature. Every 10° drop in temperature causes a drop of 1 PSI in tyre pressure. Therefore, our experts recommend that you go for tyre pressure check more frequently during winters.

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You must make a routine for tyre pressure check and adhere to it strictly. Ideally, you should come to our garage for a pressure check at least once every month. It is also advisable to check it before you embark upon a long journey.

So, whenever it’s time for your routine pressure check or you feel that your tyres are underinflated, bring it over to Nil’s Tyre Services for professional assistance.

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