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The British Government has some stringent rules in place when it comes to road safety and car tyres. It is imperative to know and follow these guidelines to stay safe during your daily commute and to stay on the right side of the law. This is where we at Nil’s Tyre Services, can help you know all the important laws and legal requirements you need to meet as a car owner about your tyres.

Tyre rules and regulations:

There are a few rules that significant when it comes to the permissible quality of a car tyre. When you come to our garage, you will notice that we put more emphasis on tread depth, speed and load index as well as the quality of a tyre. The best tyre for your vehicle will meet all these legal requirements.

Tread depth – All cars on the UK roads are required to have at least 1.6mm tread depth throughout the length of its tyre. It is recommended for better grip in wet weather conditions and also for a better performance on the road.

It is crucial that you maintain the minimum tread depth, or else you can be fined, and your license can get three penalty points added. To help you understand better that when your car tyre is worn out, all our tyres in Blackburn come with a Tread Wear Indicator that acts as a visible warning.

Speed and load index – Speed and load index is another significant part of the UK tyre legislation. It denotes the maximum speed a tyre can safely travel with, and the maximum load it can carry. For its load index, you have to choose car tyres that have the minimum rating as decided by your vehicle’s manufacturer; you cannot use a product with any lower value.

Speed rating should match the maximum speed of your vehicle. For example, if your car has a top speed of 150mph, the right car tyre should have a rating of ‘W’ (168mph) or higher.

Damage on its body – The tyres should not have any lumps, cuts, or imperfections that can separate its layers and cause issues while you drive. Any cuts larger than 25mm, or a tenth of the total breadth of the tread will be illegal to use. Also, the inner ply of that tyre should not be visible from outside.

Abiding by the law:

The British Government has set all these laws to keep your car roadworthy, and safe during your daily commute. Violating any of these rules will get you in legal trouble, which can follow up with fines and penalties. Also, you will fail in an MOT test, and your car will be illegal to drive afterwards.

So, it's best to bring it to Nil’s Tyre Services whenever you notice excessive wear, damage, or when you need to buy a new set of car tyres in Blackburn. We have a team of experts who will help you choose the best tyre for your vehicle other than the requisite services while complying with legal requirements.

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