Terms & Conditions

Nil’s Tyre Services Ltd. is a UK-based car service garage which accepts vehicles for various purposes like car servicing, general repairs, MOT services, and sells OEM equipment, especially tyres, to customers who reside in or around Blackburn. The registered office is located at 48 Bank Top, Blackburn BB2 1TB, UK, and customer representatives can be contacted at the following phone numbers: 01254 672162 and 07834964200.

The following terms and conditions govern and dictate the agreements between Nil’s Tyre Services Ltd. and its customers.

1. Please note

From here on, “we” refers to Nil’s Tyre Services Ltd. “Our site” and “our website” indicates the official website of Nil’s Tyre Services (https://www.tyrexchange.co.uk/). “You” stands for the users of our websites.

Kindly go through the following segments of the terms and conditions very carefully.

2. Online prices and transactions

  • The prices of all services and products you see on our website are to be rendered in Pounds Sterling. All our costs include the cost of labour, the service or product provided, associated VAT, and any local or different taxes that may apply locally.

  • When you use our website to place an order for a product or arrange for a service, it does not make you contractually bound to any obligations from our side. It merely demonstrates that you have an interest in the services or products that we provide/ may provide in the future.

  • We will not be surpassing our legal rights if we postpone or cancel any pre-appointed service. Cancellation may happen even if we have provided an order confirmation to you. Note that we only cancel orders if we believe in good faith that we will not be able to fulfil that specific order or service.

  • The service or product may not be available at our inventories at all times. That forms a ground for cancellation. We may also cancel an order if we find that there has been a misunderstanding of information provided by you or the OEM. We will swiftly ensure that we contact and inform you that the appointment stands cancelled.

  • We will try and arrange for a substitute alternative arrangement. If that fails, you are within your rights to cancel your order and ask for a full refund. We will not be responsible if you incur any loss during the time it takes us to revert to you or when processing your order.

  • We will be liable to refund the customer in case our products are cancelled and returned.

3. Incorrect order/s

Please note that we are not liable in case you place any incorrect order with us. You are responsible for gathering all related information to the product you intend to purchase. It is also your responsibility to place orders for tyres and other products on our website which are suited for your vehicle.

We will be liable to refund your full paid amount in case we ship a damaged or incorrect product.

In these cases, the standard protocol for returns and refunds will prevail.

4. Returns and refunds

We are not liable to provide any returns or refunds if you have already fitted the OEM equipment bought from us to your vehicle. If by chance you notice that the product has a defect after it has been fitted, we can sell you an alternative and identical product, subject to availability. If the manufacturer deems that the OEM we have sold bears defects, we will refund the entire cost of the replacement component in toto.

Local laws governing returns and refunds will govern all such transactions.

5. Missed appointments

We are not liable to refund your initial booking amount if you miss an appointment with us. Your service session may be cancelled if you miss an appointment. You will be responsible for rescheduling an appointment.

Kindly be at our garage by 9 AM on any working day if you plan to submit your vehicle for servicing.

Kindly note that if you have already paid for our services and products, we can withhold 100% of the total MOT costs and 50% of the total cost of servicing if you cancel an appointment without prior notice.

6. Estimates

All price estimates that we provide after checking your vehicle in-house are valid for 14 days only; post that, they are rendered invalid. Our dispatched estimates will include the costs of labour, spares and materials. Note that if we detect any additional defects after your car is brought to our garage, we will commence with further repairs only after we receive your full consent.

7. Cancellations/rescheduling

All servicing, MOT services, and repairs will be rescheduled depending upon the availability of our technicians and service bays. You must cancel your appointment at least 2 days before the scheduled date.

Note that if your car is left with our garage overnight, or you feel that our service is delayed, you are at liberty to opt out from our services. We will provide you with a full refund if we have not started work. If work has commenced, we are liable to provide you only a partial compensation or a cancellation fee.

You must give us 24 hours of notice before you cancel an appointment made online with us.

8. Conduct of transaction

When you submit your vehicle with us, you expressly allow us to conduct road tests to determine the extent to which our services have worked, and if additional services are merited.

Please do not forget to remove any valuables left in your car before you leave it with us. We are not liable to refund you in any manner if you notice a loss of valuables.

From time to time, our technicians may provide you recommendations. If they are not given in writing, you are not bound to follow them. If you choose to act on word-of-mouth recommendations, we are not liable for any damages that may be caused.

9. Copyright

We reserve the copyright to everything you see on this site. They form our Intellectual Property. You are only authorised to use/view/store/copy or print the information mentioned on our website for private and non-commercial uses. Any commercial usage of our material for any business venture may force us to take legal recourse. We can also ask for site-access restriction and financial compensation.

10. Guarantee claims

The manufacturer’s guarantee covers every OEM product that we provide. If you intend to claim a warranty on any product purchased from us, you must submit a proof of purchase.

We are not liable to provide any guarantees or payments on services like wheel balancing and alignment as their value may degrade with user inexperience or dangerous terrain.

Note that your guarantee claims may also get rejected if:

You have failed to adhere to the norms as laid down by the manufacturer and have somehow damaged the product.

A natural calamity, wear and tear, and theft has damaged the product.

You repaired or serviced that part with another service provider without our consent.

11. Payments

We accept payments for our services and parts sold via debit and credit cards, cash, or any other valid electronic transaction method. All services and products bought online must be paid for online as well, when placing the order or when receiving it.

For repairs, vehicle hires, MOT services and other general vehicle services, payments can be made after the service is provided. An initial deposit may also be asked for.

We are liable to claim a general lien on your vehicle in case of non-payment. We will add garage charges as outstanding fees for up to 3 months. In case of non-payment after 3 months, we are allowed under the law to sell your vehicle, including all onboard equipment on an ‘as is-where is’ basis. Under such circumstances, we are not bound to provide any prior notice to you.

Proceeds from the sale will be used to settle any outstanding amounts.

12. Parts

When you leave our facility, you are at liberty to check the spares we may have provided. If you intend to inspect the discarded/damaged parts, you must inform us in advance. Barring that, we are at liberty to dispose of the damaged parts following the law and environmental norms.

13. Governing laws and jurisdiction references

All provisions we provide fall under the jurisdiction of the UK. By using our website, you hereby consent to follow the laws and authority of the courts of England and Wales in case of any disputes.

14. Privacy policy

Please refer to our page on our privacy policy for more details.

15. Third-party rights

The terms and conditions you see displayed on this page are strictly enforceable between you and us. No third party can enforce any other rights on the service provider and receiver.

16. Third-party websites

On occasions, our site may contain links to third-party websites. In that case, those links will serve merely as references to you. We will not be liable to provide any compensation if such third-party sites damage you in any way or manner, as we do not control their content. You are advised to maintain discretion before you refer to any external sites.

17. Severance policy

If any of the provisions and conditions mentioned on this page is considered invalid, then the condition that is the nearest in meaning and intent shall override it. Other arrangements will remain the same.

18. About our terms and conditions

The terms and conditions you see on this page are updated from time to time. You are advised to regularly visit this page, check for any updated terms, and orient yourselves according to any changes that may be made. We are not contractually obliged to inform our customers if we change any of our terms and conditions.

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