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summer check

Once the summer sets in on the British Isles, it is necessary to perform a complete summer check for your car. The harsh winter takes its toll on your car, and we can help in restoring it to the condition appropriate for summer driving.

The challenges faced by a car during the summer months are entirely different from other times of the year. The temperature soars outside, resulting in a hot tarmac. The occasional rain has to be factored in as well. Summer is also the time when most Britons go on vacations or road trips. Our summer check service ensures that your car is ready for these challenges and you have a safe and comfortable drive throughout the season.

Summer Checklist

When you bring your car to Nil’s Tyre Services for a summer check in Blackburn, our experienced technicians will immediately assess its condition. They will then perform the necessary repair/refilling/replacing as per requirements.

A typical summer check at our garage includes-

Tyre check

If you have winter tyres installed in your car, our technicians will replace them with summer or all-season tyres with your permission. We have an exclusive collection of tyres in our inventory from which you can choose a set.

If the need to change tyres doesn’t arise, we will check the condition of the existing tyres. Our mechanics will inspect aspects like tread depth, sidewall integrity and body damage.

Note: The minimum legal tread depth in Britain is 1.6mm. However, we recommend our patrons to maintain a tread depth of over 3mm for a safe and responsive drive.

Fluids checks

All the essential fluids of your car need a top-up after the long winter. During our summer car check in Blackburn, we will refill all the necessary fluids such as engine oil, washer fluid, and various coolants.

Air Conditioning check

Mould/fungus formation inside the AC is a common problem that many of our customers face after winters. There may be other malfunctions as well due to the prolonged disuse. Our technicians will take care of all these issues and ensure that your AC is in a perfect condition.

Windshield and wipers check

Windshield wipers become brittle due to the cold weather, sometimes to a point where they may scratch on the surface of your windshield. We check the condition of your windshield wipers and replace them as necessary. We also refill your washer fluid during our summer check in Blackburn.

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These are just a few of the checkpoints that we cover during a summer check. Book an appointment with us at Nil’s Tyre Services today to avail our summer check services. We are considered the most reliable auto garage in and around Blackburn.

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