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A lot of our customers ask us how do we understand which tyre fits perfectly in their car, and suits their unique driving habits. Well, our experts at Nil’s Tyre Services provide strong impetus on a tyre’s sidewall markings and to give you the most suitable set of tyres for your vehicle in Blackburn.

Every car tyre comes with a string of letters and numbers embossed on its sidewall. These values carry all the necessary information about that unit. As a car owner, you need to know what these markings depict.

Tyre markings explained:

Tyre markings carry critical information about the product like its size, aspect ratio, type of construction, rim diameter, speed and load index, etc. You will also find the date of manufacturing along with special ratings. Let’s start with the common ones, assuming a tyre carries “215/45 R17 91V” on its sidewall.

Tyre width– The first three-digits, 215, is the width of the tyre. It is measured in mm, so that particular unit is 215mm wide.

Aspect ratio– The second two digits is the aspect ratio of the tyre. It means the height of the sidewall is 45% of the tyre’s width.

Tyre type– You will find a letter after the aspect ratio. It denotes the construction of that particular car tyre. If it is ‘R,’ it means that tyre is radial in construction. Radial tyres are the most common variants nowadays. However, you will also find cross-ply and run-flat along with the radial tyres at Nil’s Tyre Services.

Rim diameter– The last two digits of the sidewall markings represents the width of the rim compatible with that tyre. This measurement is in inches. ‘17’ means that tyre is compatible with a 17-inch rim.

Load index– A tyre’s load index is the maximum amount of weight it can safely carry. In this example, it is 91, which means it can transport 615kg without damaging its carcass.

Speed rating– Speed rating is the top speed that a tyre can safely achieve. For our example, its speed rating is ‘V,’ which means that tyre has a top speed limit of 149 miles per hour.

How to choose the best tyre for your vehicle?

The load and speed index is the first thing you should check while buying a new car tyre. It should be able to reflect your requirements and driving patterns. Also, check the rim diameter to ensure it will fit. If you want a larger tyre with more contact area, go for a tyre with more width.

If you are visiting our garage, our team will ask about your requirement and will help you choose the best tyre for your car.

Visit Nil’s Tyre Services to buy the best quality car tyres in Blackburn. You can also call us to inquire about the availability of a product and its price.

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