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Tyres often do not get the credit that they deserve. We usually associate a car’s performance with its engine, torque, suspension and what not. We seldom talk about tyres. Regardless, they keep on doing their job, and if you know your car well, you will also see that they can significantly enhance the performance of your vehicle.

If you’re looking for an upgrade in your car’s performance without spending a fortune on other costly upgrades, switching to performance tyres is a good option for you.

With time, these tyres are becoming popular, especially among the younger generation for whom performance is a crucial factor. 

For those of you who think alike, there’s good news for you. Now you can shop from the broadest range of performance tyres in Blackburn at Nil’s Tyre Services. We also provide the option of purchasing performance car tyres online on this very site.

Switching to performance tyres can do wonders.

Still sceptical about whether performance tyres are a good investment for you or not?

Let us provide you with some reasons why should you choose perfomance based tyres:

Superior handling:

Particular tread patterns and rubber compounds bring out the best performance out of your car. Braking, cornering and overall handling characteristics shoot up, when your vehicle features performance tyres.

Low heat build-up:

Tyres rotate hundreds of times every minute. It generates a lot of heat, which is one of the primary reasons for tyre blowouts, especially in summers. However, performance tyres use unique rubber compounds which reduce the heat build-up significantly. Blown-out performance tyres are almost unheard of.

Unmatched performance:

How can we exclude performance from the advantages of performance tyres? For all the sports car fanatics out there: no other tyre will be able to give you that extra edge that you’re looking for from your vehicle. That means higher speeds, shorter stopping distances and a much smoother drive.

Unquestionable Safety:

Any tyre that offers extra grip and handling makes the car safer. A vehicle fitted with performance tyres is less likely to lose control even if something goes wrong.

Nil’s Tyre Services Blackburn makes sure, that performance tyres are affordable and accessible to every car owner. 
Here, you will get the option of purchasing tyres in Blackburn from every tyre manufacturer in the market, most notably: Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop, Nexen and Goodyear.

Visit our workshop today and give your vehicle the boost that it deserves.

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