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Periodic tyre safety check is an essential part of every vehicle’s maintenance routine. The condition of your car tyres is of paramount importance regarding the drivability of your car and its safety aspects. Therefore, it is vital to bring your vehicle to Nil’s Tyre Services for our free tyre safety check in Blackburn.

We place extreme value on tyre safety as tyres are car’s only point of contact with the road. As such, its handling, braking, acceleration all depends on the tyres to a certain extent. Performing a safety check on tyres will, therefore, enhance your ride quality and as well as obvious safety pre-requisites.

At Nil’s Tyre Services, we have kept our tyre safety check service free of charge as we consider it an essential service that every driver should take at least once a month. Our free tyre safety check in Blackburn will include the following.

Tread depth check:

A tyre’s tread depth determines the amount of traction it generates on the road. An average tyre has a tread depth of 8mm when it’s new. Over time, this depth diminishes owing to the constant friction that it withstands. When it becomes too worn out, your tyres won’t be able to exert the adequate grip on the road, leading to a multitude of problems in handling and braking.

The legal minimum limit of tread depth required for passing the MOT is 1.6mm. However, our experts recommend that you must maintain at least 3mm tread depth for at-par tyre performance.

At our workshop, we check the tread depth on all four tyres with an advanced tread depth gauge. It is accurate to the last millimetre as opposed to the Penny test that you can perform at home. If the depth is lower than the recommended limit, you must get a new set of tyres. You can purchase them from our workshop as we have the most extensive collection of tyres in Blackburn.

Pressure check:

Our free tyre safety check in Blackburn also includes tyre inflation pressure checks. Inadequate tyre pressure has emerged as one of the leading causes of car accidents in the UK. It is paramount that you maintain your tyre pressure as per manufacturer recommendations.

Overall condition:

We also check the overall condition of the tyres during the safety check. We look for any cracks or bulges which can potentially lead to a problem in the future. If we find any, it is promptly repaired by our expert technicians.

Avail our free safety check today:

You should ideally come to our workshop for a tyre safety check once every month. So, if you haven’t done it already this month, book an appointment with us today. Put safety first!

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