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One of the major areas of concern for our customers is to understand the perfect time for changing tyres. An average set of tyres in Blackburn lasts anywhere between 3 to 5 years. However, that duration may vary substantially depending on a large number of factors including your driving pattern, the terrain you mostly traverse other than the weather condition.

So, how do you know when to change the tyres? Experts at Nil’s Tyre Services have come up with a comprehensive list to addresses this issue.

The four major areas that you should consider while deciding whether the time has come to change tyres are-

Tread depth

Seasonal change

Tyre age

Run-flat damage

Let’s take a look at each one of these factors individually-

When tread depth is below the recommended level

One of the significant determiners of a tyre’s condition is its tread depth. Ideally, all four of your tyres should have a tread depth of over 3mm. If it’s below that, your tyres will fail to maintain its grip on the road adequately.

Note: The legal minimum tread depth limit is 1.6 mm.

When there’s a change in season

Summers and winters present different challenges as far as driving your car is concerned. In summers, the roads are hot and dry, with the occasional rain presenting some wet driving conditions. In winters, the streets are generally covered in a layer of snow/ice. There’s also a substantial amount of sludge and salt present.

To tackle these varying road conditions, you must change your tyres seasonally. Summer and winter tyres are necessary for their respective seasons. At our garage, you will find an extensive collection of both these types of tyres in Blackburn.

When they are too old or have undergone multiple repairs

With age, the structural integrity of your tyre will fall. The same thing happens when you repair them more than once. No matter how well you maintain your car tyres in Blackburn, our experts recommend that you shouldn’t use them for any more than 10 years.

When there’s damage to your run-flat tyres

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Run-flats are a tremendous invention in the context of flat tyres. These tyres can run for 50 miles even when there’s no air pressure is left in them. However, a significant disadvantage of these tyres is that they are not repairable. If they suffer a puncture, you have to discard them entirely and get a new set.

We have an entire section dedicated to run-flat tyres at our workshop. Our experts are well-versed in the technicalities of these tyres and will help you in choosing the perfect set for your car.

Buy your set of tyres from Nil’s Tyre Services

When you notice any of the aforementioned factors, do not sit on it. Bring your car to our workshop and choose a new set with inputs from our experts.


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