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The process of installing a new set of tyres on your car doesn’t end with purchasing the tyres. They have to be fitted appropriately to the vehicle. It should be done by certified professionals who know what they are doing. This is where Nil’s Tyre Services comes in.

Our experienced technicians are experts in fitting tyres to the wheel. It is a complicated process, and we only use the latest, state-of-the-art equipment for it.

Why improper tyre fitting puts you at a disadvantage?

We advise all our customers to go for professional tyre fitting Blackburn as improperly fit tyres can bring forth a disastrous driving experience. It has serious safety implications as well.

Poorly fitted tyres increase irregular tread wear exponentially. Since the tyre will be tilted, the wearing will be more on one side.

Fuel consumption increases as it takes the car more power to run.

There is also an increased probability of sidewall damage.

In extreme cases, the rim might get exposed to the road on sudden impact.

Changing tyres later will also be an issue.

If you want to avoid all these hassles, bring your car to our garage for tyre fitting in Blackburn. Our technicians take all the necessary precautions and fit tyres with extreme precision.

Diagnosing improper tyre fitting is not an easy task either. Its symptoms are consistent with those of wheel misalignment and unbalanced tyres. You’ll feel a wobbling motion, excessive vibrations and your car pulling to one side. Whenever you experience any of these, visit Nil’s Tyre Services for a thorough wheel assembly check.

Why choose us?

We have a proven track record of delivering exemplary services to our customers. Our tyre fitting service is equally adept and efficient. You should visit us for a tyre fitting service because we-

Ensure a quick, timely delivery

Use cutting edge equipment

Have certified technicians with a combined experience of several decades

Perform wheel balancing with tyre fitting

Stock a wide range of tyres in all categories

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Are you looking for a reliable garage for tyre fitting in Blackburn? Come over to our garage. We also have a massive collection of spare tyres in our stock from all the recognised brands. At our workshop, you can buy your new tyres and get them fit all under one roof.

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