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People today, are buying more SUVs than before. And this trend will continue to increase in the coming days as people are getting more into travelling.

Off-roading for long can cause severe damage to your tyres, and it might not be safe to drive with those tyres.

So what tyres to buy, on which you can trust that are also good for your vehicle?

With Nil’s Tyre Services at Blackburn, you will never have to worry about finding quality SUV tyres ever again.

How are SUV car tyres different from standard ones?

From the very first look, you can notice that SUV tyres are different from standard ones.

They also have several other differences apart from aesthetics. A brief list of these significant differences are as follows:

1. Superior wet and dry grip:

When you buy SUV tyres from us, you will get a much better wet and dry grip because of the efficient tread pattern. The greater depth of tread helps the tyres to perform great on difficult terrain. With better grip, the tyres are best for performance SUVs.

2. Superior handling:

You will see a noticeable improvement in handling, after we fix the SUV car tyres with your vehicle. The car will behave exceptionally well on all types of roads and will handle off-road conditions effortlessly.

3. More durable:

In general, the tyres are more durable than their more standard counterparts. Enhanced durability means that the tyres will last much longer. With our tyres, you can go on trips more often without worrying about changing your tyres every now and then.

4. Less noise:

Our SUV car tyres produce significantly less amount of noise. The tyres provide perfect synchronisation between the performance of the vehicle and the environmental conditions.

5. Superior Ground clearance:

With us, you ensure your vehicle to have enough ground clearance. It is necessary as the off-roading can cause damage to your car's inside.

Experts suggest that in case of replacement, you should try to fit your car with the original equipment. It helps in keeping the manufacturing specifications intact.

At Nil’s Tyre Services in Blackburn, we have a huge inventory of tyres from all premium brands. Bring us any vehicle, and we will find the correct tyres for your car.

We also offer advice on how to choose the perfect set of tyres yourself.

Visit us to get your tyres now.

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